Radiant strip

The GIRAD radiant strip is a suspended radiant heating unit intended for large or medium size installations.

The GIRAD unit consists of a heat generator with a power rating of 35 kW to 300 kW, a system of radiant ducts referred to as radiation modules and an automatic power control system.

The combustion products produced by the generator circulate in tubes that are heated to a temperature of 100 to 300 °C.

Combustion products reaching the end of the circuit are partially expelled, and partly recycled to optimize system yield.

The length of the radiant module circuit is adapted to the dimensions of the premises and may be up to 324 metres.

The generator is equipped with a mult-iventuri ECOMIX® technology burner, enabling maximum yield at all requested power levels.

The GIRAD strip provides uniformly comfortable heating of the premises while saving energy