Energy savings

How do ECOGAS radiant tubes enable to save on heating?

Imagine yourself high up in the mountains at the winter sports, or quite simply at a sunny spot during cold weather.
Notwithstanding a very cold ambient temperature, you feel soft and pleasantly comfortable warmth.
This is caused by the sun's infrared radiation that heats both the people and the objects around you.
It provides you with this pleasantly comfortable warmth, without heating the atmosphere.
When a cloud hides the sun, the infrared radiation is blocked off and this comfort disappears immediately.

Like sunrays, heating through ECOGAS radiant tubes is characterized by

  • Heating bodies and objects under the influence of radiation.
  • No air movement, so no dust whirling.
  • Quick temperature rise 

In the adjoining drawing, two work stations are heated by hot air that tends to rise.
The heating stagnates under the ceiling and is lost through the roof.
At floor level, the comfort temperature is only reached after strongly heating the air under the ceiling.
Hence, air takes an active part in this heating mode.

In the adjoining drawing, two work stations are "lit" by the infrared radiation from radiant heating
Heating is remote, by means of judiciously positioned radiant panels, without using the ambient air as a heating carrier
Hence, the air takes a passive part.
For obtaining a temperature of 18°C, an ambient air temperature of 15°C will be sufficient, while radiation supplies the additional 3°C, for a the same total temperature of 18°C.
At the work stations, at a height of about 1.8 m, the comfort temperature is achieved.
Outside the radiation areas, and also under the ceiling, the temperature is reduced, hence one may heat less for the same comfort.


  • With radiation, one may concentrate the heating on the occupied areas. • Since the air temperature is lower, there is less air stratification and savings are enhanced.
  • Temperature rise is quick, thus increasing even more the savings achieved.
  • In extreme cases, energy savings of up to 70% were noted.